Window Tint Laws

Commercial Tinting can help reduce glare, uneven room temperatures, reduce heat, reduce energy cost and more.

At PSF Tinting, we provide and stand behind automotive because of how it enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle, how it preserves the life of your interior, how it can potentially provide better safety in a car accident, and how it can help you save gas by reducing your need for air conditioning in the dreaded hot summer months.sun kool window tinting hours

Once this first of two beads of the structural sealant is applied, the door frame stops are reapplied to the door over the caulking. Solar Gard, the manufacturer of Armor Coat Safety and Security Window Films, recommends before the stops are reapplied to the door, the rubber seal should be removed to allow space for the second bead of caulk to fill behind the stops and meet the primary bead of sealant.

Recently, I finally got to try out V-Kool, a brand of automotive tint that I’ve been hearing about for years. It’s made from a metallic film composed of seven to ten complex layers of sputtered metals like gold, silver and indium oxide. Compared to conventional dyed films; V-Kool claims that it reflects up to 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun, up to 98% of infra red rays, and up to 65% of solar heat. In 1999, Popular Science magazine recognized its technology as the Top 100 inventions of the millennium.

EnerLogic®, FormulaOne®, Gila®, Huper Optik® , IQue, LLumar® , Nanolux, Sun-X, Vista and V-KOOL® window films are all manufactured by the same company. Originally all of these brands were acquired by a company called Solutia , formed as a divestiture for the corporation Monsanto in 1997. Since the introduction of Solutia into the window film industry, they made an aggressive strategy to acquire window film brands to gain market share. Solutia entered bankruptcy in 2003 and did not emerge until 2008. In 2012 Solutia was purchased by Eastman Chemical for a reported $4.8 billion dollars.

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